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In this video, I discuss a common fear that many people suffer from.  The fear is that we have no "value" to add to the world or to our businesses.  


I am no stranger to this fear myself!  Before I started working my business, I was a stay-at-home-mom strictly.  My best friend is a high-level executive at a Fortune 500 company who is always traveling and having these great stories to share and I started feeling down on myself.  I sort of felt embarrassed that I was "only a mom" even though being a mom brought me great joy.


Needless to say, when I was presented an opportunity, I was all over it!  Finding my voice and realizing that I have a lot of value and information and passion to share with others made all the difference in my life and my business.


So, take a few minutes, relax, and realize you have value too :)


Make it a great day!

~Ani Stengel


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Let me start this off by saying that I am a "self help" nerd.  I have always enjoyed learning about how the mind works, why we are who we are, and how to improve on our God-given talents.

Yesterday while I was listening to a training, I had a moment where I realized I was going about things ALL WRONG and I wanted to share in the hopes that I can help someone else who could be struggling with the same thing.

The basic idea is this...

Every one of us are born with a few things that we are "good" at inherently. For example, I was born with the ability to be a good listener and to express myself through writing.  I WAS NOT born with the gift of great verbal communication!!!

To be successful in business, you have to learn to identify your strengths and to work on improving those strengths.  

I have spent many years of my life working and working and beating myself up because I just don't seem to ever get better at verbal communication.  I hate it!

Now think about all the time you may have "wasted" on trying to be something you are not instead of concentrating on being the person you were made to be.  How much better would your skills be in your strengths if you put that same amount of time and effort into things you were naturally strong in?!

Did you just say "duh"?

When I heard it, I did!

The goal in creating a successful business is to take your strengths and add to that people whose strengths are your weaknesses.

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To your Success,

~Ani Stengel :)



As a follower of many "mommy blogs" and a blogger myself, I can't even explain how many times I have seen this question asked...

"How do I make money from blogging?" or...

"How do I monetize my blog?"...

If anyone knows how to do that, David Wood does!

Join us tonight and find out how he has created over $70 million in sales through blogging!

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See you tonight at 9 :)

~Ani Stengel

LIVE at 9pm EST TONIGHT... How I've Done $70 Million in Sales... Blogging.

I'm going to keep this short...

...tonight, I'm going to lay out a formula for creating wealth online ...blogging.

At 9pm EST, refresh this blog post... in the meantime, go ahead and enjoy the last leadership hangout we did down here at Empower Network.

A few assignments if you're already on the inside...

1.  Reblog this post from the members area.  Just login here, and from the live feed area, you should see this - hit 'reblog' and write your thoughts about tonight.

2.  Put a custom join link in your reblogged version of this post.  Making a custom link is easy, it looks like this:


* Obviously, replace 'yourusernamegoeshere' with your Affiliate username.

3.  Share the blog post on Facebook, and let the world know about tonight's hangout.  I'm going to share some secrets on creating cash online blogging ... the easy way.

4.  Be a badass.

Love ya, and see you tonight.

I got to get my whiteboard out, it's getting rusty...

-David Wood
"The Guru Slayer"

* Getting ready to unleash the 'awesome'.

-The EN Team


If you aren't a "techie", you are probably wondering "What is domain mapping?"

I know I had no clue and I wouldn't consider myself a technical dummy :)

Here is the deal...

Domain Mapping is the pointing of a registered domain (ex. www.anistengel.com) name to another site, blog, photo album, etc.

Domain mapping is different than domain forwarding or masking, in that visitors to your site will see the unique domain for all your blog's content.  

So, take me for an example, I have an Empower Network blog, previously all visitors to my blog would see the URL as www.empowernetwork.com/astengel, but with domain mapping, they would see www.anistengel.com for all of my blog's content.

If you have a "Blog Beast" blog with Empower Network, you can use domain mapping and have multiple blogs that you can run from your phone.  The benefit is having the Empower Network platform...it's in the top 200 sites in the WORLD and top 60 in the USA...crazy stats!!

My friend, Jonathan, made this awesome video that will show you how to set up the custom domain mapping for your EN blog.  Check it out! 

How to Map your Domain to your Empower Network Blog Beast


It's only 9:38 am and I am already beside myself with excitement!  Of course, I downloaded my Empower Network app as soon as I woke up this morning!

I actually almost made my kids late for school this morning because I was sooo excited to test it out...Oops!

Dave & Dave weren't kidding when they said it would be simple!  I can't wait to put it to use in every day life, so everyone BEWARE...

Ani has RELEASED THE BEAST and she's dangerous!

If you have a business, opportunity, blog, basically anything that you want to attract attention to and you haven't signed up already for the Blog Beast, I might would consider you a little crazy :)

Get it now



Ani Stengel

"The Beast Slaying Mama"

The Blog Beast Is Coming, And It's A "Game-Changer" (get ready)

With only a few weeks until our brand new mobile blogging and marketing platform ENV2 (aka: The Blog Beast”) is released to the world… the whispers are starting, the anticipation is increasing, and everyone is watching and waiting to get their hands on it. And the only thing we’ll say is: “This is a Game-Changer” – and it’s Coming Very Soon :-)

If you’re pumped up and can’t wait to show the world how to blog, share their message, and build a business from their phoneleave us a comment below!

And get on the early bird list here.

This is HUGE. The time is NOW. Let’s ROCK this.

- Dave Sharpe
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